Veer Sagar Chairman

Veer Sagar, with his visionary insight in 1997, established India's pioneering back-office company, SELECTRONIC. Recognized for its exceptional services and a highly skilled workforce, SELECTRONIC excels in streamlining medical reviews for mass tort cases, offering a cost- effective and time-efficient solution, utilizing time zones to their advantage for swift turnarounds.

In addition to his corporate endeavors, Veer is a best-selling author, known for "FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION" the creative force behind the YouTube Channel "LEARN WITH VEER SAGAR," and the visionary founder of CRICONET, a unique cricket ecosystem emphasizing remote cricket coaching. Veer played a pivotal role in India's IT and software revolution, firmly establishing the nation on the global IT landscape. He continues to be a key member of India's IT task force, representing the country on the international stage. His expertise lies in rejuvenating companies through strategic positioning and cost-effective management while crafting efficient, adaptable, and scalable management structures.

Veer's accomplishments have earned him extensive media recognition, with features in prominent Indian newspapers, magazines, TV channels, as well as international publications such as Times, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, Far Eastern Review, Economist, India Today, Business World, Business India, and Outlook. He is also a sought-after speaker at conferences and seminars.

In his professional capacity: - Chairman Designate of the Executive Council of ESC (Electronic and Software Export Promotion Council of India). - Chairman of the Association Of Entrepreneurs (India). Veer's accolades include: - The prestigious LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for his significant contributions to advancing India in the global IT back-office sector. - Recognition as one of the IT leaders of the last decade by DATAQUEST magazine. - Acknowledgment as an IT trendsetter of the last decade by COMPUTERWORLD. - Declaration as one of the individuals with the Midas touch by ECONOMIC TIMES.
Our Focus is matching resources, technology and experience with customer requirements to achieve their objectives and provide them cost effective and appropriate solutions. Selectronic Equipment is an Indian BACK OFFICE based in Gurgaon, India and priority member OF ELECTRONIC AND SOFTWARE EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL
Our Mission is create a value-based organization that cares for its employees and business partners. The company is headed by Mr. Veer Sagar, a well-known figure in the IT industry with ALMOST 60 years of experience in the Industry and is managed by a team of well-trained Certified and dedicated professionals with experience in BACK OFFICE software as well systems management. Our Team's experience ranges from 26 years to graduate trainees. Selectronic has an effective and well tested process to ensure Quality.
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