Narrative Summaries:

Narrative summaries present the facts, in chronological paragraph form, putting it all together in an understandable presentation. Chronologies / Timelines:

We organize the medical records and prepare a chronological framework which gives a clearer picture of the essential course of medical events. In most cases this is done by date, however, some cases merit a minute by minute, or second by second, timeline to aid in the understanding and sequencing the critical events. Electronic retrieval: (paperless review of medical records within the firm’s data base)

We access your database and review the medical records for specific information which is then entered into your pre-described fields. This method allows the firm to run reports and have all critical data within their own data bases.


Bookmarking the medical records allows the reader to navigate quickly to the desired information without needing to scroll through the entire document. Bookmarks can be done in various ways:

  • Encounter type (consultations, progress notes, assessments, diagnostic studies, etc.)
  • Chronological type (categorized by date order)
  • Provider type (categorized by facilities/providers)

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